LIMACRYL NV is a Belgian manufacturer of cast acrylic sheet.

In our factory in Dilsen, Limacryl specialized in special production and service.
Except for the traditional range of clear acrylic, we have an exceptional range of coloured sheets and special types.

Our production process makes it possible to produce different colours, even in small quantities as from 120kg, in thickness from 3 up to 18mm.

LIMACRYL now has the formulas for over 4000 different colours. If still not the correct colour, we can adapt existing colours to your demands.

Since over 30 years, our factory has been producing acrylic sheets.
Both on technical as on chemical side, the production process keeps being adapted and updated. We realise that we must supply perfect sheets, satisfying the latest technologies.
In 2015, some severe changes were made in our production, allowing us to keep up with the most
strictest requirements.

We supply both standard sheets as cut-to-measure, depending on your demands.
LIMACRYL also has the facilities to treat the sheets, on the customers request: CNC milling, laser cutting, etc...